Behind the scenes of a webinar

83 views June 08, 2020

We hosted a webinar in May 2020, which you can watch on...


How to deliver an engaging webinar that works in 2020?

120 views May 29, 2020

Join our webinar Christoffer Larsen, VP of Marketing at TwentyThree, and Diederik Martens, Chief...

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Marketo Engage - Web Personalization (RTP)

209 views April 10, 2020

Marketo Engage - Web Personalization (RTP)

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Listening to Customers: Leverage Feedback Throughout the...

220 views March 18, 2020

Leveraging feedback at every stage of the lifecycle has become increasingly crucial for...

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Marketo Champion 2020

332 views January 30, 2020

Diederik Martens named Marketo Champion 2020. And some other updates as well.

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My Journey To successfull Marketing Automation

560 views December 02, 2019

Watch the recording of my keynote at Marketing Automation Day in Stockholm, Sweden on 26 November...

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How Marketo can tame the GDPR retention monster

1,387 views November 08, 2019

Stephen Yeo from Panasonic shares his expertise and experience with Marketo and how it can tame...

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RingLead for Marketo - Data Cleansing and Deduplication

1,034 views November 04, 2019

RingLead’s end-to-end data management platform enables Marketo and Salesforce users to reclaim...


Dutch Marketo User Group Invite For UBER Amsterdam 18...

972 views August 20, 2019

Please join our next Marketo user group meeting at UBER in Amsterdam on 18 September....

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Aftermovie: Pre-Summit Sessions + Adobe Summit EMEA 2019

2,068 views June 12, 2019

An aftermovie with takeaways from our own pre-summit Marketo sessions on 14 May, and Marketo...

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Adobe Summit 2019 Recording - Leveraging Customer...

1,734 views May 22, 2019

Learn how to automate and leverage customer feedback at different stages of the customer life...

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Adobe Summit EMEA Invitation

1,225 views April 29, 2019

Sarah Kennedy from Adobe Marketo and Diederik Martens from Chapman Bright invite you to join the...


Leveraging Customer Feedback Throughout The Lifecycle

1,742 views April 15, 2019

Don’t just measure customer satisfaction, but impact it! Learn how to automate and leverage...

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Video Marketing Meetup Invitation for 8 May 2019

1,862 views April 12, 2019

I'll be speaking at the Video Marketing Meetup (VMM) at TQ on 8 May. I'll be sharing my video...

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SMOps becomes Chapman Bright

3,447 views April 12, 2019

We at Chapman Bright stretch the limits for your personal success with MarTech. We’re clear and...